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The end of the first trimester was in sight. In spite of the fact that many foreign students have already returned to their own country. We could not just let this go by. The virus couldn’t stop us either.

Together with the online quiz team, we came up with the idea to organise another online quiz. As a farewell to the students of this trimester. Since it was an online quiz, it was perfectly possible for the foreign students to participate from their home country. Our quiz was called Quizmas. As it was almost Christmas, this was an excellent time to take Christmas as our theme.

We went looking for questions related to the traditions of Christmas, Christmas carols, Christmas movies, food specific for the holidays and so on.

Personally, I found these questions much more difficult than the previous quiz, because we looked at Christmas in different countries. In this way we could all learn about the different cultures. Because, thanks to the virus, that was a bit more difficult to experience. That is why we felt it was necessary to include this in our quiz.

Since our previous quiz was a bit awkward, we chose to use a different programme. We also planned to take some extra time to have a proper conversation. Furthermore, we also decided to leave our microphones on during the quiz, so that we could give some explanation and still be in contact with each other for a short chat.

Unfortunately, during the start of the quiz, we saw that we did not have any foreign students in our midst. This was of course a great pity. We had advertised, sent extra messages in the WhatsApp group, but unfortunately we couldn’t reach anyone with this.

So we decided to make the best of it. There was a teacher present, she indicated that it is very difficult to keep a good contact with the foreign students. Especially in this period with the Corona virus.

All in all it was a nice Friday evening. An evening in which we learned a lot about Christmas, but also an evening in which we realised that our work was not for nothing. It brought us closer together as a team. We enjoyed it. We also made several new contacts, with students from our campus. This certainly added value to the process.


Now I’m going to focus on my exams. After that, you can expect my last blog, where I look back at the great moments of the buddy project.

See you in my next and last blog!


Thaïsa Roosen