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My dear country

I’m writing this blog to let you know I’ll be leaving you in February 2021. To be quite frank, I’ve grown tired of you. I know this may seem crude, but I must stay truthful with you. The love I once felt for you I still feel today. However, in light of recent events I’ve noticed that it is not mutual. I simply cannot allow myself to stay in such a toxic relationship. Therefor I’ll be moving in with Italy, at least for three months.

Please do not worry, I have found work at an international company. If all goes according to plan I’ll have accommodations in both Rome and Foligno as well. And no, I won’t be alone. I’m going with my friends and they will keep me company.

It was all quite simple to organize really. I suppose we’ve been lucky. One of my teachers arranged the international internship for us and we can split the costs, since there are three of us. There are plenty of websites where hosts put up their homes for rent. We just happened to stick with because the prices were good.

Of course, we still have to get there. We used our national airport’s site for flight tickets. Were we to go by train then we would have checked the train’s site. But we’re only planning on using the train in Italy. So, for those tickets we’ve used a site called, which seems reliable.

I am rather looking forward to this experience. I hope, that by the time that I return you have your affairs in order.

Best of luck and yours truly,

Tharsice Commissaris, soon to be international man of the year 2021

p.s. Take care of the children, they need your support, now more than ever.