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Hello there, my name is Tharsice Commissaris and I’m a buddy. I’ve been privileged to show some young and bright students, much like yourselves, around. We do live in times of Corona so do keep in mind that there are a lot of activities we simply couldn’t do.

“Let’s go play badminton!” Martha, my Ukrainian buddy suggested. We all cheered in agreement. The rest of the bar looked funny at us.

“I’ll make the arrangements.” I said, having had several beers. I would have done it then and there but my battery had died earlier that day. After a while we noticed it was getting late, I had a train to catch, they were getting tired, we parted our ways.

Naturally I forgot to make the arrangement so when Martha reminded me several days later I immediately jumped on it. The website seemed a bit outdated but to be completely fair almost all Belgian websites are just that, outdated. For some odd reason I could only make a reservation for badminton at the pool. I had never been to the pool in Geel so I didn’t think much of it.

Skip forward to a week later, Wednesday. Me and Martha met up at school, we were going to walk to the pool. Kato, a buddy like me, told us she would meet us there. Teemu, our Finnish buddy, let us know he was feeling a bit ill. He wasn’t coming. After a twenty minute walk we arrived at our destination, we met up with Kato and entered the building. I stood there, waiting at the reception with a bad feeling.

“Hello, how can I help you?” the old lady behind the desk asked. I replied kindly and I told her I had made a reservation for badminton. She stared at me, as if I had just explained to her the chemical composition of an apple.

“Badminton?” She asked. “Are you sure?” she continued. I was sure. The darn website had directed me to the pool to play badminton! Well, to keep it short, no badminton was played that day. But we had a laugh and that was the most important thing.

A week later I had found a location in my hometown Lier, where we could play tennis. They even had equipment for rent, it was perfect. I was going to combine the tennis with a tour of the town. But then, my archnemesis Corona Virus spoiled our plans! Once again we were kept from having fun!

As I was about to give up, a group of individuals posted something on Facebook. The light at the end of my tunnel. A HALLOWEEN QUIZ. I’ve let my buddies know about the event, I hope to see them there tonight.

So, as you’ve probably read, this has been quite a rocky start. For a pretty long time I felt awful that I couldn’t show the buddies around, go have a drink with them, or even play sports. But then, a couple of days ago Teemu texted me. His girlfriend had come to visit and he was wondering what kind of things he could go do and see in Antwerp. I just texted him some locations but I felt pretty good afterwards. I was happy I could help him. I just hope that the next couple of months are going to get easier so that I can more things with them.