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My international experience has come to an end. It didn’t go as planned. Because of COVID-19 we had to cancel a lot of activities. Some were replaced and some plans had to be adjusted to the situation. In this blog I will tell you what we would have done if COVID-19 didn’t exist.

We wanted to show the International students our country. So we planned city trips. The city’s we wanted were: Bruges, Lier, Ghent and Brussels.

For the trip to Bruges we would have taken the train. We would have visited the city center since that’s a museum by itself. It’s a beautiful city to just walk around. We would have shown the chocolatiers were you can see the people making chocolates. There would have been a visit to the Belfort, a look at the holy blood and the basilica. We didn’t know yet but there could have also been a boat tour included.

Another group was organizing a trip to the Christmas market in Lier. The Christmas market was cancelled as well as the trip. The Christmas market in Lier is verry beautiful and could have been a highlight for the international students.

A trip to Ghent would have been a great experience for the students. It’s another beautiful city in Belgium with a lot of art and great architecture. It’s a historic city that was verry important for Belgium. We would have also experienced the culinary part of Ghent. The amazing treat called ‘Gentse neuzekes’ would’ve been a perfect souvenir to take back to Geel and to enjoy for a long time.

Without COVID-19 Brussels would have been another destination for the international students. Our capital city is known for art, history and it’s many monuments such as the Atomium, the royal gardens, the palace and “manneke pis”. We would have visited main square in the city center, the monuments and some of the museums.

I regret that we didn’t get the chance to show our beautiful country but I’m happy with the things that we have done. I got to show my work environment named “Bobbejaanland” and had a great time with the international students. The other activities that we’ve done were very creative and fun. I had an amazing time quizzing. The escape rooms looked like a lot of fun, unfortunately I didn’t find the time to participate in these.

Even with COVID-19 being an “International Buddy” was a lot of fun. I would highly recommend it to become an “international buddy” in the future, hopefully without COVID-19.