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Currently, I am doing an internship for 3 weeks. This makes it difficult to meet up with my students. Usually, I don’t get home until 7 pm. On the weekends I have my student job, so then I also can’t meet up with my students.

Besides my internship, I also have some work for school. There are many tasks that I have to complete after my internship. So, I don’t have much free time. This is a pity because I would like to see my students again.

Luckily there is internet

Besides meeting up physically, there is always the possibility of meeting up online. Through Whatsapp, Instagram or text messages I stay informed about my students. They are always able to reach me, and I’m always able to reach them. We keep each other updated on how things are going at school, if there are any problems and how we are doing in general. A good tip is to definitely send pictures to each other! It’s always nice and it’s a bit more personal than just sending a simple text message


In the beginning, I was feeling a little bit sad because of not having enough time for my international students. I felt like a bad buddy for a while. Fortunately, my students understood that I had important things to do. We agreed to take it easy for a while and meet up after my internship. For the time being this is going well, and we have regular contact by phone. We even decided to go to a Christmas market in December. Let’s hope that the coronavirus won’t ruin the fun!

So, you see, being a buddy does not mean that your students expect you to meet up every week. They also find it totally fine if you keep them informed by text and sometimes send them a picture!


Sometimes life brings some difficulties or changes, but I always try to make the best out of it. For every problem, there is a solution. For every misunderstanding, there is a conversation. Talk to your students and explain what’s happening. I bet they will understand and will help to find a solution.

Well, this was my experience for November. See you next month!