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The Halloween quiz

On Saturday 31 October 2020 we held our Halloween quiz. I already mentioned this activity in my first blog.

But what a great evening!

We gave the assignment to dress up in the Halloween theme of course. Super fun to see how everyone worked hard to complete this assignment! Several people arrived at our online quiz in a very original way.

Another plus was that not only international students took part in our quiz. Also a lot of other Belgian students were present. That certainly gave a lot of satisfaction!

Our online quiz started at 19:30. Our group had made a very clear instruction video. Although this turned out to be not so obvious for the foreign students. We supported them through the chat.

During the quiz we had a live stream, where we could see each other, with a background of an auditorium. It was as if we were at school! This ensured that the group atmosphere remained somewhat present.

The questions were very difficult. We had picked different themes, so that everyone found some common ground with his or her homeland.  

At the end the podium was shown. But that wasn’t what the evening was all about. It was about forming a bond and becoming a closer group. However, this is not easy when you only see each other online.

After the quiz we were supposed to have a chat, although we noticed that this wasn’t easy when the group members didn’t know each other enough. This caused a lot of people to leave pretty quickly… So that is a little problem that we will have to work on in the next quiz.

Last meeting with Véronique

On 15 November we had a meeting with several buddies and our coach Véronique. This was for us, the graduate students, the last conversation with this group.

We talked about how exactly we felt about this buddy project.

And how do I feel?

This project gives a lot of satisfaction. Both the international students and my fellow buddies give so much gratitude. Despite the fact that it wasn’t always easy to reach a lot of students, some of them came to take part. You often got the feedback that your activity was fun and they would participate if a second one came. There are quite a few international students back home, which is certainly understandable with the corona grades in Belgium. The online activities are an excellent invention for this. This means that they too can still participate in the activities.

Quizmas Quiz

At the moment we are busy organising our Quizmas Quiz. This quiz is a kind of closure for the international students, as most of them will leave on 18 December.

Our original name of course refers a bit to Christmas. The quiz therefore consists for a large part of questions around the theme of Christmas.

What will we do differently this time?

We will focus more on interaction during and after the quiz. In this way we hope to learn more about each other.
Our goal is to keep in touch with the international students, even though they are no longer in Geel or Belgium.

I will keep you informed!


Thaïsa Roosen