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What’s it really like, being a buddy? And is this project worth it? Well, let me tell you about my very first experience.

When me and my buddy first started talking it was pretty obvious that people are so different depending on where they come from. He told me that Belgian people seem reserved and distant. My buddy is from Spain, he’s used to give people two kisses when meeting. Must be strange for him to shake someone’s hand when you’re actually going in for a kiss on the cheek. He’s a social guy and finds it easy to address someone unknown. I really like that about him. And after meeting him in the Irish Pub the other day I learned that these foreign students are all (or at least most of them) social and talkative people. It immediately gives you the feeling you’re welcome in their community.

Being a buddy as an introvert

We had a couple of drinks, I mean we’re young what else would we do at the first meeting. It all went smooth. I didn’t expect it to go this easy. I’m kind of an introvert myself, I like meeting new people and making friends but I’m not that good at the first step. Mostly I wait and let the others come to me first. The students being this friendly and outgoing made it so much easier for me to just fit in. It kind of felt like we all knew each other for years.

From strangers to friends in no-time

Like we all know, when you get to know another student the conversation begins with basic questions about school. And to be honest? Who’s really that interest in what a person studies and how their exams went? It’s just a part you have to deal with. But me and my buddy didn’t really stay long at this topic. We went from strangers to friends really quick. I’m not going to give you too much detail but I’ll give you this: we ended up making him a Tinder account and laughing about some crazy girls we found on there. And when we finally got home he texted me he almost fell of his bike, because he had one to many beers that night. As you can tell by the way the night escalated I most certainly enjoyed every part of it.

Next time?

I’m not sure what our next activity will be. We did say we’re going to the opening of the restaurant from a friend of mine. Maybe we can explore the city together that day. He told me he wanted to meet more locals so that sounds like a plan.

I hope I encouraged someone to participate in the project. It’s a really fun experience!