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Connecting with your buddy when you’re a busy student isn’t easy. I have to do an internship for three weeks, which make it hard to meet up with my international student. For one and a half weeks now I’ve been at the workplace. So I haven’t been to school for a long time, that’s the reason I haven’t been able to see my buddy. Besides this internship, there’s still schoolwork. I’ve got tasks that I need to do when I get home from the workplace. I get home late at night, around seven o’clock. Then I start making my homework for school. As you can see there’s not much time left for me to do other things like meet up.

How to fix this?
So what do I do to still have a connection with my buddy? We text as much as possible. This way we stay in touch and tell each other about our activities during the day. He told me about his exams and I tried to support him with them. He can still ask me all the questions he has, and I’ll do my best to answer them as soon as possible. That’s how I try to let him know I’m still reachable if he needs me. Through social media like; Facebook and Instagram, we can follow each other’s activities. Whenever one of us posts something on our socials the other can react. This leads to a conversation every time.

Do I feel bad about it?
At first, I felt bad about the fact that I didn’t have enough time for him. I thought he might feel left alone by me. But when I spoke with him about me not having enough time, he really understood me. He told me it wasn’t a problem and he knew he could still text me. That was a relief. This shows once again that these international students are very open and friendly people. And not being able to meet up every week can be fixed by staying connected online.

Be yourself!
Whenever you feel like there’s an issue with the connection between you and your buddy, try to be honest about what you’re feeling. Be yourself and tell them what you think. You can work a lot of things out by talking in all honesty. That’s my number one tip. And if there’s a big concern you can’t work out by yourself, you can always ask the project leaders for their help.