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Who am I

Hey everybody!

I’m Thaïsa Roosen, a second year student of the Transport and Logistics degree programme.

I live in Tessenderlo and have a half-brother of four years.

In my spare time I play football, make music and I can also be found with my horses.

Despite the fact that there is now Corona, I find social contacts enormously important. That is a small part of the reason why I wanted to become a buddy.

My first blog post

Writing this blog post is very exciting for me, but I am still very enthusiastic. With the different blogpost I’m going to write, I hope to be able to take you along in my experiences with the international buddy project. I also hope to inspire you to participate in this kind of projects in the coming years.

The reason for my participation

The chance to become the buddy of an international student I immediately wanted to grab with both hands.

It’s the perfect way to first of all: make new social contacts and also get to know different cultures.

But you can also learn enormously from other people. And that appealed to me the most in this project.

The first introduction

Our first meeting with the international students, was during a city game in Geel.

We were divided into groups of about 4 students and had to look for different places, where each time a question was asked.

As the weather wasn’t very good, we decided after an hour to sit warm inside the Irish pub.

Here we got to know each other very well.

A cozy place, social people and good beer… The ideal combination to get off to a good start!

This is also where the first brainstorm happened about the activities we could do with our buddies. Several nice ideas came up. An online quiz, an amusement park, a visit to a city like Bruges, Ghent… and much more!

Unfortunately, not all ideas will be able to go ahead thanks to Corona, but we’re going to make the best of it.

The first activities

The first two activities planned were a trip to Bobbejaanland and making the promovideo.

I was immediately behind to help with these activities, because I think that the first activities immediately give a good picture of our commitment to the international students.

Unfortunately I get a crack in my ligament while playing soccer and for both activities I was only able to think along with the group, but could not be physically present.


As buddies we discussed everything through facebook groups, how we would organize everything. This related to the transport, the price…

We only got response from two international students that they wanted to join us.

Everything went well on the day itself.

A good preparation and good commitment were really important. This ensures that you will experience little stress on the day itself.

Promotion video

Also here I could not be physically present. But we had already held an online meeting, where all the ideas were properly written out.

All the other three people in my group had to do was turn the ideas into a decent movie.

It was really nice to be able to work with these people, because they are so excited about it and it automatically makes you super positive and cheerful.

Furthermore, we decided to make an aftermovie at the end of this semester.

So we are going to bundle all the photos and videos of each activity into a beautiful whole.

So that the international students can take this with them to their homeland as a souvenir.

Online Halloween quiz

Today, October 31st 2020, we have planned an online Halloween quiz.

We have tested it during the week and hope it will go smoothly.

We also asked the students to come dressed up in the theme Halloween of course.

So it’s really exciting to see which crazy and scary characters we’re going to see later on!

I’ll keep you up to date!

See you in my next blog post!


Thaïsa Roosen