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Together with two other students, I took part in an international business week.

But like many other projects and activities, this week was virtual.

On Monday, we started by getting to know each other. Each college was asked to prepare a presentation so that we could get to know each other.

I soon realised that the schools were located all over the world! There were students from China, Argentina and many European cities.

The rest of the week we had to work in groups. The idea was that we would run a business ourselves and make sure that our business was healthy.

The different aspects of running a business were looked at.

So it was really great that we could each fill in a different angle.

I enjoyed every minute of working with my team. It all went so smoothly.

Giving the presentations also went very smoothly.

On the last day, we had to present our final presentation to the jury.

How exciting that was!

But I was very happy with the final result. Our group was the big winner of the international business week.

This gave me a lot of self-confidence!

But the fact that we won was rather secondary. Above all, I made friends for life.

I still send messages every week with the people from my group. And we even make plans to meet up again after Corona.

Of course, the week would have been much more fun if we had all been in Germany… But we made the best of it!

I recommend you all to take this course!

This was by far the best international experience I have had during my school career!