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Hello everyone, welcome to my very last blog about the Buddy Project.

I am so happy to have embarked on this adventure.

I will take you to a throwback through the past months.

The beginning

When I was told that we could opt for the English subject to sign up for the international buddy project, I did not hesitate for a second.

This was the opportunity to make new contacts and get to know different cultures.

The first acquaintance, I immediately found very exciting. I wondered what the international students would be like, where they came from, what their interests were…

So the introductory game was really great, despite the bad weather, we got to know each other very well.

The sequel

Soon after we first became acquainted, the numbers of people infected with corona shot up in the air. This led to the announcement of a great many entanglements.

I saw all our ideas fall into the water. We wanted to do so much with the students… A game night, karaoke in the Irish Pub, but all these activities could not take place.

I spent a very long time thinking about this. This was a great pity for us (the students who had to make the international students feel at home) but also for the international students themselves. 

So we had to brainstorm again about activities that we could continue anyway. And what a good team we had! We immediately came up with different ideas to organise online. For example, a quiz, escaperoom and campfire were organised online.

This made it possible for all of us to keep in touch.

Already several international students decided to return home early. She didn’t feel safe in Belgium, the country with the most corona infections.

This news struck like a bomb. Of course, I understood that during this pandemic you would rather be close to your loved ones. But for me it felt as if we as buddies had failed in our activities.

This feeling disappeared after the international students announced that they were still willing to participate in our activities through their home countries.

My feeling

I definitely recommended the buddy project. It gives an added value to your education within Thomas More. For me it meant that I got to know a lot of new people. People I will have contact with for a long time to come. But not only the new contacts are positive for me.

I also met myself during this process. Because you make contacts with a lot of other people, you discover new sides to yourself.

Corona has not been able to stop us. I am enormously proud of that result alone! We put our heads together as a team and looked for solutions. This has ensured that we have also become a close group of friends.

For me the adventure stops now, but for several people in our group it will continue until June. Alexander has already asked me if I still want to help in the coming months. There will be a foreign student who plays football just like me. I look forward to taking her with me on my football team as long as she stays in Belgium!

I look back on these months very positively. I am very grateful to the teachers for this opportunity in my education. I will take these experiences with me all my life.

Hopefully we will also see you next year as a buddy.

I promise you, you will not regret it!


Thaïsa Roosen