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Today, I am looking back at the buddy project
I thought it was a very nice experience, too bad we didn’t get to meet physically because of the coronavirus.
I also met some very nice people.
After the first meeting day in the city park of Geel and the city walk, which was literally spoiled by the rain, we still had a good time in the Irish Pub in Geel.
In the Irish Pub, we talked in groups and brainstormed about what activities we could possibly do. We also met the owner of the pub, who also used to be an exchange student. The owner of the Irish Pub had given us his contact details because he wanted to help organise something, but unfortunately that did not happen.
Then there was a little trip to Bobbejaanland.
The next thing was the Halloween Quiz which I helped to organise. We were very motivated when we started the quiz, so we did a lot of testing and had meetings with each other to make sure everything would go smoothly.
Fortunately, the online Halloween Quiz attracted quite a lot of people, but apart from the fact that there was not much talking, everyone enjoyed it and a second quiz was organised at Christmas.
Other students had also organised an online escape room, which I did not participate in myself, but I did hear very positive things from the others.
There was also talk of a walk in Lier, but this was cancelled last minute, which is a shame of course.
I also helped to make a kind of promo film together with Alexander and Bart and we took some shots on campus and of course there were also bloopers. Normally Thaïsa would have been present too but unfortunately something came up. I have only seen a short fragment of the film, but I liked it very much and I am curious to see the sequel.
Then the online Christmas Quiz was not as much of a success as the Halloween quiz, which is a pity because we all supported it in the beginning. The lack of communication was also due to the fact that everyone was very busy with tasks, exams and internships. There were a few participants but no exchange students which was to be expected as many exchange students had already gone back to their families.

Hopefully we will be rid of Corona soon and we can see each other physically again and have a drink in the Irish pub that brought us together on the first day.
To sum up, I liked it and would do it again immediately and I highly recommend it!