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My name is Bart Vande Bergh and I’m a huge fan of theme parks. I’m employed in one of the best theme park in Belgium: Bobbejaanland. So at a meeting I said: hey let’s invite the international students to join me and the other buddy’s to go to Bobbejaanland. We pulled it off and had a lot of fun and made lots of memories.


So I started working on the Bobbejaanland trip with Thaïsa, Faidra and Briana. We have set the date to the 18th of October. That was very fast, it was Sunday of the same week we’ve announced the trip to the international students. We wanted to go as quick as possible because there was a good chance the park would close when the corona got worse. The park did close a week after we went so we were right on time. There was me and Faidra who went to the park with two other buddy’s. The attendance was low because there was not a lot of time to decide if you wanted to go on this trip.

We ended up going with 2 international students: Giedrė and Marta. A group of 4 was enough to have a fun day at the park.

The Trip

We were going to carpool, with my car. I woke up early to get there on time. We wanted to be there when the park opened at nine thirty. I picked up the others at the pub ‘café de Campus’ and we headed to Lichtaart. It wasn’t a very long trip since it’s right next to Geel. After a while we saw Fury in the distance. The fastest and highest rollercoaster in Belgium.

First part of the day

We arrived at the front gate. There weren’t a lot of people, it has been like this ever since covid-19. The park was themed to Halloween with corn, pumpkins and hay bales at the entrance. I handed out the tickets for the park and we went in. We headed straight to Fury. On our way we met Niels, otherwise known as Trioxo, a Belgian theme park vlogger and a colleague of mine. Fury hadn’t opened yet so we went to Revolution instead. It’s an indoor rollercoaster from the 90s. It still holds the world record for longest rollercoaster train with 30 carts. After that we went to Naga Bay, a spinning coaster. We saw fury running when we got off so that was the next thing to do. I saw the others feeling intimidated by the huge orange coaster as we walked underneath. For the first ride we chose the forwards only train. We boarded the train in the back row. It’s a 3 cart train so it doesn’t really make a difference. It has 4 across seating so we used the whole row. During the ride I saw the others sitting really quiet and holding on to their restrains. When we got off they said it was a great and weird ride. We made our way to the back, doing the rides we passed. It wasn’t very hot that day and I didn’t want to get wet. I asked if they wanted to do some water rides and luckily they said no. When we entered cowboy town there was a whole haunted circus throughout it. There was not really something to do, the scare actors would be there at noon. We went all the way to dreamcatcher, a rollercoaster in the back of the park before we went to get something to eat.


I knew they have really good pizza at Bobbejaanland so I asked the others if that was ok. They agreed to eat pizza, we went back to cowboy town where the Santa Fé restaurant was. I ordered pizza for everyone because I could get a discount for being an employee. Everyone agreed that the pizza was great. When we were eating, we saw the actors arrive in cowboy town. Fog machines were turned on and the atmosphere completely changed.

Second part of the day

We walked around cowboy town for some time. I saw a fortune teller and I thought it would be fun to ask her what our future would be. When we asked her, she pointed at me and said: “there is a way to end all your troubles”. We all laugh a bit and then she calmly adds the solution: “Plastic surgery”. When she said that, we all started laughing.

We wanted to go to the big wheel next. It was there where we took a group picture, high up in the air. When we were back on the ground, we headed over to the plaza in front of the revolution. The ‘Monkey Clan’, people dressed in fur, with drawings on their faces and weapons like a bow and arrows were wandering around there.

On the other side of the lake, that was located in the centre of the park, were some more attractions that we hadn’t done yet. When we made our way over there we passed ‘Yummy’, one of 3 haunted houses in the park and rated the scariest one of them all. It was an upcharge but we saw people running out scared so everyone wanted to see what’s inside. We bought tickets and reserved a timeslot. We worked our way all the way to the back of the park, again we ended at dreamcatcher. Now we’ve done everything on the other side of the lake.

We went back to the front where ‘Yummy’ was, we arrived some time before our timeslot. We were in the queue next to the building and we could hear the screams from inside, Giedrė and Faidra were excited to be scared and me and Marta thought it was a bit scarry.

We entered a little room with a tv screen on that screen a women was talking to us. Then she just slammed a door open and told us to go. We went further in the haunted house. It was all about zombies. We went from one scene to another. There were a lot of scare actors and Faidra was screaming really loud and grabbed on to my backpack. I wasn’t that scared anymore. Giedrė was the brave one and walked in the front. She wasn’t scared anymore so I snuck up on her and scared her, she told me afterwards that I got here good with that scare.

When we got back outside it was almost closing time. So we went to do Fury one more time. This time we took the “choose train”. On the restrains are buttons to choose if you want to go forwards or backwards. We all voted and the train started moving towards the turntable. This time it turned us backwards. I preferred going forwards but the others thought backwards was the most fun.

After the park

We exited the park and we went back to my car. I had to drop off Marta because she had work to do and couldn’t stay. So with three we went to the mc donalds in Geel to get something to eat. Afterwards I dropped Giedrė off and Faidra was also on her way home.

I thought this was a nice trip and we made a lot of good memories together. From screaming in Fury to Giedrė taking on the Monkey Clan with a banana, it was fun until the end.

I hope that I can show the same or other people some other wonderful places in Belgium if corona allows it.