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Corona is raging on in Belgium so we had to be creative. The international buddies have organized an online quiz. And because it was Halloween they’ve given it a Halloween theme. They’ve send everyone a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting and told us to go to a live stream on Twitch. In the mail that we received, they asked us: “to be in a Halloween mood”.

Being the person that I am … I forgot this. Let’s just say that the spiderweb in my room was Halloween theming. If I turned on my camera, I could see myself sitting behind a virtual desk in the twitch stream. It was a kahoot! quiz. When everyone was in the session we began. The first few questions passed and I was always in a top 5 position.

What Do you know about Belgium?

Then there were some questions about Belgium. I am competitive as hell so I was not going easy. I tried to respond to the questions about Belgium as fast as I could. To my surprise a lot of students answered these questions correctly. So bravo to the international students for knowing so much about Belgium. At this point I was in the top three, but I wouldn’t be there for long.

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

I thought to myself, I’ve got this, but things didn’t go as planned. The next set of questions were all about the countries that our international students are from. I did know a few things but I was going down in the rankings. Not that much but I was barely in the top ten. The people who organized the quiz have done a great job because they asked some really good questions. It got even harder, to a point where I stopped thinking and started guessing. From then on, I kept going down in the rankings. When we were almost at the end of the game, I managed to fight my way back in the top five. But I wasn’t prepared for the last question. “What colour of answer was mostly correct in today’s game?” I didn’t keep track of that so I just guessed and I guessed wrong.


So that was the end of the game, although I didn’t get a place on the winner’s stage, I’ve had a lot of fun and I think the other ones had a lot of fun too. Because this event was such a success, they’re going to organize a Christmas Quiz. I’m going to make sure that I can participate in that one as well and I hope that the others are going to join too.