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Dear friends of the internet … rejoice for I have won the Halloween quiz. Third place! I will gladly receive your gifts and congratulations sometime this week. I went in undercover.

Since it was Halloween I got dressed up as a zombified NASCAR fanatic who got run over by a race car as he tried to pick up his cans of beer. My alias, Kyle Watergate, a true Floridian. I do not quite remember who got first and second place, or even who participated. What I can say is that I had an incredible time. A big thanks to the organizers of the event!

At the moment I’m already looking forward to the next event for our buddies, a city walk through Lier.

I wish I could tell you guys about the amazing things I have done and the memories I have made but I cannot. I was working on my internship for the first two weeks, which was a lot of fun and interesting, but my buddies were not involved at all. Then, the third week both of my buddies were gone, back to their respective countries Finland and Ukraine. I asked them how they experienced their study abroad. They both told me they had a great time. They were just a bit disappointed due to the virus. As was I.

However, I would hate to leave you like this so instead I will do my best to convince you to participate in a study abroad.

Reasons why you should study abroad:

  • It is very cool.
  • You might just meet the love of your life.
  • Employers love this stuff.
  • You will learn curse words in another language, handy dandy when you want to curse at home.
  • Different cultures are super duper cool.
  • You would be a citizen of the world.

Reasons why you should not study abroad:

  • Oh wow, look at that … there are none!

Make the right choice. Do what you want to do, and do not let COVID influence your decision at all.  

Your pal,

Tharsice Commissaris