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October 8, 2020:

Today we had agreed to meet the exchange students and other buddies in the city park in Geel, unfortunately not everyone could be there. We were going to do a city game, we divided ourselves into groups of 4 people as it should be according to the corona measures and went to explore Geel. In Geel there are QR codes in different places that you can scan and watch a movie, the movies were in Dutch so we translated what was told in the movie after watching it. There were also questions for each movie so we could get to know each other better. One of the questions was who you looked up to this was a very nice question and so we got to know each other in a very different way.

There was also a question ‘describe what drink you are’ we all took an alcoholic drink which was funny.

It was raining and after a visit to the music school, the Nieuwstraat and the Saint-Aloyuis all the groups ended up in the Irish Pub on the market in Geel where we could take shelter from the rain, very coincidentally the owner of the Irish pub is an old exchange student and he wanted to help us organize something. I was in a group with Faidra and Piotr. Faidra is also a buddy normally she went to Finland on exchange but because of corona this didn’t happen. Piotr is an exchange student from Poland and he has opened his own company there and so sometimes he travels back home for his company and to arrange things.

October 12, 2020:

Today there was an online meeting for the buddies to discuss the activities we are going to organize and to divide us into groups. The activities we will organize this year are a trip to Bobbejaanland, an online Quiz, a trip to Bruges and Lier, a karaoke night in the Irish pub and we will also make a promo movie and aftermovie.

October 18, 2020:

Today there was the first trip this was to Bobbejaanland unfortunately I couldn’t go here but we did see the nice pictures and movies on the facebook page.

October 19, 2020:

Thaïsa, Alexander, Bart and I were going to discuss the promo movie today at 17.00 we had an online teams meeting where we discussed the tasks and where we also discussed when we can start filming. Thaïsa and I are going to work out a short scenario and then we will start filming on Monday October 26th.

October 24, 2020:

Thaïsa and I made a short phone call to discuss the scenario for filming.

We also discussed the animation for the breaks during the quiz that will take place on October 31st. For the animation of the quiz we would like to look for funny Halloween movies in the theme of the quiz rounds.

October 26, 2020:

Today Alexander, Bart and I filmed on campus for the promo movie it was very funny and nice.

Alexander had borrowed a camera from school with micro we took some nice shots. Now Bart is going to edit it together we are very curious about the result.