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31 October 2020:

On 31 October there was our online Halloween quiz. Thaïsa, Alexander, Stef, Kato, Door and I had organized it and we found it very exciting, we hoped that it all went well with the livestream and that everyone could participate in the kahoot. A lot of students came to take part in this quiz which we liked very much. We also asked in our mail to dress up or put on make-up in the atmosphere of Halloween, not everyone did this but there were a number of participants who had dressed up nicely. After the first round there was a short break and then we started the second part of the quiz, in the second part there was a round with songs and we had to guess in which language it was. There was also a round Belgium where we had put in the spotlight some nice facts and monuments of Belgium. The winner of the quiz was Jolien, second was Kyle and third was co-organiser Thaïsa. After a successful quiz we could talk to each other but unfortunately there was no one who really took the initiative to talk … we did get good feedback and everyone would like to have a second quiz.

17 November 2020:

After the Halloween quiz, we have a meeting planned to put together the next quiz. the next quiz will be a Christmas quiz called ‘Quizmas’.

We are going to do several more rounds of questions, there will be another round of songs and there will also be a round with all the traditions. At the first meeting not everyone could be present so we informed everyone in our messenger group. Everyone is looking for questions and shares them in the messenger group so we can put them in a kahoot quiz afterwards. We already have a nice intro movie thanks to Alexander.

This quiz will take place on the 11th of December and after the quiz we hope that there will be more interaction we will try to talk to each other or start asking how they are doing so hopefully we will get the conversation on this way.

There was also a walk planned in Lier on Wednesday afternoon in which I unfortunately could not participate because I would be at my internship company.

Afterwards we were also told that this walk did not take place because 4 people had cancelled.