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You just read that in the Andy Williams voice


The last month of this turbulent year has been started. The Covid-pandemic has not made it easy for us to go all the with our buddy project. But great things were coming!

The 2nd of December we were going to Lier for an early Christmaswalk. For that reason we had a meeting the 30th of November to discuss the last few things before D-day arrives.

At 19h we all went online for our last meeting. First we checked how many students would join us during our walk on Wednesday.

We had already made a Facebook event to announce our buddy activity. Five international students had mailed Leen that they would participate. Despite the measures, we could still make groups of four consisting city experts and international students.

Then we discussed our daily schedule for Wednesday. At two o’clock Stef, Leen and Tharsice would wait for the international students to arrive. Due to traineeships, a few students were going to join later.

During this activity we would walk along the highlights and sights of Lier (e.g. Zimmertoren, beguinage, …) also we would got a taste of typical dishes from Lier (e.g. Lierse vlaaikes). It was also still possible to serve hot chocolate milk in a Christmas atmosphere. The goal of the walk was to discover the history of Lier, to get to know each other better and to discover the typical dishes of Lier.

Then we discussed whether the student facilities would be willing to pay for the day. For example the transport costs and the costs for the Lierse Vlaaikes and the chocolate milk. Stef mailed to Patricia for permission.

Stef was going to prepare the walking route and gathered information about some monuments.

The aim of the walk was to collect a lot of visual material so that we could make a nice report of this day and so that we could show that we were able to put the pandemic behind us for a while and make a nice day of it.

First of all we wanted to share our experiences (monuments, places, regional products,…) online with the future international students. Secondly, we wanted to share our experience with the participating students by means of exchanging findings in order to start the conversation. During the walk there was of course also the opportunity to get to know each other better and to ask each other about the new experiences due to the whole buddy project and the impact of Corona.

We were looking forward to this wonderful day and hopefully we won’t got lost. 

Merry Christmas!

Side note: Unfortunately, the Christmas Walk has been cancelled.