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The International students are in Belgium for a while now. From before the second lock-down we wanted to make a short video about the campus in Geel and what the international students that come here could expect.

Shooting day

Together with Alexander and Briana we shot some clips on campus. We got a camera from Thomas More and we started by filming an introductions. I wasn’t in any of the shots because I was operating the camera.

After we introduced ourselves in the intro we went to an empty auditorium to shoot the part of the video about how we follow our classes on campus. We also did a little script, Alexander pretend ed to be a teacher and Briana was the student listening.

It was getting late and we wanted to film in the HIVE. When we walked pass the main entrance of the school we had the idea to film Alexander and Briana entering the building and stopping by the school logo. It didn’t take long and we went on to the HIVE.

At the hive we filmed the books, places where you could sit to work on a group project and also the bigger meeting rooms. Once again A’lexander and Briana were the models on duty.

We did one last stop at the table of ‘Ice Cube’, the people that help students with their business ideas.

Back at home

Now that we had all the clips, it was my task to make a short video of it. So I opened my editing program and got to work. The audio that was recorded by the microphone from the film camera wasn’t good so I had a lot of work correcting that. I found some music that I could use and after editing the video and audio the project wasn’t finished.

I took my microphone and started narrating over some of the scenes to give more information about the campus. When everything was in place I exported the file so I could upload it to YouTube.

The upload

I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel. I send a link to Alexander so he could watch it. He told me the video didn’t work, so I went to try the video when I wasn’t logged in on YouTube. Then I saw it had been copyright claimed. The song ‘say my name’ from Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike were responsible for a block of the video in all countries. The music from Lost Frequencies that I used only got the video demonetized, that’s wasn’t a big deal.

Until now I still couldn’t successfully upload the video to YouTube.